What the drivers of the World Wide Technology Raceway said

Here’s what the pilots had to say after Sunday’s inaugural World Wide Technology Raceway Cup race near St. Louis.

Joey Logano – Winner: “It simply came to our notice then. Compete for leadership like this with Kyle (Bush), one of the best. Was a lot of fun. Crossing back and forth. I knew he was coming. I did it to him; I knew he would do it to me. We crossed there several times back and forth on the last lap. Good for the Pennzoil Mustang for sure. It’s good to win a few victories this season here, to start collecting these points, points for playoffs … What a great car, though. Really fast. Somehow I got it wrong in qualifying and (crew chief Paul Wolfe) made a great call by putting on two tires. Blaney did a great job pushing down into what kept me at least close, and I managed to make a move. Good race there. ”

Kyle Bush – finished 2nd: “My car was better on the outside, but it took a few laps to roll there. Cold tires, launching on this reboot – I had no help behind me. I was going to put my hand out the window and signal to Kurt (Bush) to push me forward, and Joey (Logano) was half a car back through my window, trying to see him, so the signal with his hand wouldn’t matter. so I didn’t, which moved Kurt too far back. I entered turn 1 alone and was too far back. When you are the person inside, you just rinse it outside and it’s over. I still had a crossover, but I threw it in (Turn) 3 too far. He rattled all four tires. I just didn’t have any grip to get out of the corner well enough to be outside, so I don’t know. “

Kurt Bush – finished 3rd: “I thought there would be a hand signal when it was time to leave and push the hell out of 18 (Kyle Bush). We made the whole fraternal misunderstanding. We had to win that. There had to be a Toyota in the winning lane, Busch in the winning lane. (Joey) Logano, he didn’t do anything smart – we just got it wrong with the launch. “

Ryan Blaney – Finished 4th: “We had a really fast car. I had a great shot to win and I just made a mistake in boxing and came out 17th and by the time we got back to the race with the lead, I just didn’t have any tires. I have been proud of the Dent Wizard team all day. The car was super fast, it just didn’t do a good job with the last pit stop there. “

Arik Almirola – finished 5th: “It was a solid day for us. We really needed that. Somehow he turned last month. We were in the top 10 and finished 20th or worse in the last month and a half. I am really proud of my efforts today. It was a kind of day without mistakes and he was among the top five all day. (Crew Chief Drew Blickensderfer) and the boys on the team did a great job. We are so close to what we need to challenge these guys to leadership. “

Eric Jones – finished 7th: “It simply came to our notice then. We lost some seats there in the end just by restarting and tightening. Somehow we struggled with that during the day. It was a good day for us. We needed a top 10 and got it today with No. 43 Bommarito Automotive Group Chevy. I am pleased with that. Obviously we want to be a little better. I think we have some things we can work on to get there and be a little faster than some of these guys. We will continue, but it was a solid day for us. “

Ross Chastain – finished 8th: “It was a terrible drive. It’s one thing to do it once, but I just kept falling in love with boys. At this level, I should be better than that. “

AJ Allmendinger – Finished 10th: “I am just happy for today. I didn’t know what to expect without training or qualification and the car had to be repaired. The team made the car better all day. In the end we needed a little position on the track, but we were really good in the end. I’m proud to be in the top 10 from start to finish to finish a great weekend (after winning Saturday’s Xfinity in Portland).

Austin Cindrick – finished 11th: “I’m proud of the boys on the crew, a really solid race for them and proud of their progress. Obviously a really strong weekend for Team Penske is great to win another victory for Joey (Logano), we have a lot of strengths as a team. I feel like I just tuned in too tight to the end. We took the lid off and it took a lot of back pressure and took me the wrong way. ”

Justin Haley – finished 14th: “We were not the best all day, but we had a good strategy in the end to recover for a good day for points. I am proud of everyone for our hard work to get us back in the top 15. ”

Austin Dylan – finished 15th: “It was difficult today, but this team № 3 Get Bioethanol never gave up. We started the race much further back in the field than we had hoped, as the qualification did not go as well as expected, and this made the day challenging with how dependent this track is on the airline. We just struggled in the dirty air all day. We made a big adjustment to strengthen the management of our Chevy late in the race and it really helped. Looking back, if we had made our car tighter sooner, we could have had a different day. It was great to be able to bring NASCAR to St. Louis and especially to do so as we celebrated 20 million NASCAR miles on e15. ”

AUSTIN DILLON – Graduated 16th: “Speed ​​is present in our 3CHI Chevrolet and we managed to demonstrate it today, especially at the beginning of the race, when we ran ahead and managed to fight for the leadership of the World Wide Technology Raceway in Gateway. It was a crazy day for this RCR team. We overcame a turn on the track, and we also made a mistake on the pit road, which made NASCAR impose a penalty on us. We took a lap down to finish 16th, which says a lot, as we were still 30th during parts of the race. We fight with the boys who win these races every week, and it’s just a matter of putting it all together. Once we start doing that, we will do it. ”

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