What we learned from the Saints-Packers preseason game

The Saints had over 20 players out of the lineup against the Packers on Friday night. Most of them were by design as the majority of starters didn’t respond. However, it still gave us a good look at some areas we wanted and needed to see from New Orleans. Penalties and turnovers ended up being a major setback for the team, leading to their 20-10 loss in Green Bay.

Here are some of the things we learned from the saints.

Trevor Penning rebounded

This was a very encouraging thing to see. It was far from perfect, but the good news is that Penning had a much better game than he did against the Texans. Sometimes all you can ask for is improvement. There was evidence that he was getting better in pass protection and was very dominant against the run. However, there were also times when he was beaten at speed outside the limit.

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