What’s left for Pitt Football’s Class of 2023?

After a month full of official visits in June, things quieted down with Pitt recruiting for football and many other programs around the country.

Pat Narduzzi and his program currently have 15 announced commitments and three other “quiet” commitments. In terms of class breakdown, Pitt has received commitments from nine offensive linemen and six defensive linemen.

With more than half the class already taken, the question now is what positions Pitt’s staff will target between now and National Signing Day in December. While that’s something fans want to know, it’s a question even the coaches can’t answer as the exact number of players they’ll be taking is still unknown.

The reasons for this are 1.) Some will be dictated by which players decide not to return for the 2023 season. It is inevitable that some players will decide to transfer and some will choose not to take advantage of the super season afforded them by NCAA. 2.) Certain highly rated players can choose to commit to Pitt at any time regardless of the number of players they have already received at their position. For example, even if Pitt were to have commitments from three wide receivers, if five-star wide receiver Haikeem Williams wanted to commit, Pitt would make that commitment. Not every player has the opportunity to do this.

Here are a few recruits we believe have the opportunity to commit at any time. Again, this is not official and is just our opinion.

*5-star wide receiver Haikeem Williams (Miami, FL).
*4-star defensive end Jalen Thompson (Detroit, Michigan).
*4-star cornerback Braden Marshall (Lake Mary, Fla.).
*4-star safety Jaremiah Anglin (Lake Wales, Florida).

With 15 commitments, let’s go with Pitt, who has a class of 23 players. If that’s the case, here’s how I’d look for Pitt to use the remaining 8 scholarships.

QUARTERBACK: Pitt got their guy in four-star Kenny Minchey, and that will be the only high school quarterback they take. That’s not to say that after the season, depending on what happens with their current depth chart, that Pitt doesn’t look to take a transfer quarterback.

Outlook: Done

RUNNING BACK: Pitt currently has one commitment, with three-star Montravious Lloyd from St. Petersburg, Florida. I don’t believe Pitt wants to add another player, BUT that could change depending on what happens after the season. At this point, Pitt isn’t slated to lose any running backs to graduation after the season, but things can always change, which could alter Narduzzi’s plan. Vincent Davis is a senior, but he has a COVID year that he can choose to use.

Outlook: Most likely done.

WIDE RECEIVER: Pitt is doing well so far with the commitments of Zion Fowler and Kenny Johnson. We also believe they are in a good spot to land three-star Lamar Seymour from Miami, Florida. If they do get a commitment from Seymore, they’ll be set UNLESS Hykeem Williams wants to commit. They would obviously make room for that type of elite talent.

Outlook: Will take 1, possibly 2 more receivers.

THEY END: They haven’t gotten a commitment here yet, but they’ll be looking to change that. Three-star Zach Orwert (St. Louis, Mo.) is a guy officials hosted on an official visit and were interested in, but he recently decided to commit to Iowa. The other player high on their wish list is Jackson McGohan, who is currently Cincinnati-bound. Despite that commitment, McGohan took an official visit to Pitt, which means he’s at least considering Pitt. Before signing day in December or February, it would be surprising if Pitt doesn’t add a tight end in the high school.

Outlook: Likely to add 1.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Four offensive linemen are part of Pitt’s current class and likely aren’t done. We believe one of Pitt’s silent commitments is from an offensive lineman. If that’s accurate, that should be over for the lineman this year. This was a priority position due to the number of linemen they will lose after the 2022 season.

Outlook: Will take 1 more.

LINE OF DEFENSE: Looking at their current roster along with the commitments of Isaiah Neal and Antonio Caman, Pitt is MOST LIKELY ready, but that could change if a talent like Jalen Thompson wants to commit.

Outlook: Most likely done.

LINEBACKER: Rasheem Biles and Braylan Lovelace both made early commitments, but we believe the Panthers are looking to add another to that group. The player to keep an eye on is Jordan Bass from Hampton, Virginia. Bass took an official visit to Pitt and is a player with tremendous upside who would fit well in Pitt’s defensive scheme. He is someone who has been speculated to be one of the players who could make a silent commitment.

Outlook: Will take 1 more.

SECOND: This is the position that is always the most difficult to project because of the number of players in the second. Jesse Anderson, Brice Pollock and Shadarian Harrison plan to join Archie Collin’s second baseman, but depending on the player, I believe Pitt is open to taking another linebacker.

Outlook: Believe they will add another one.

CONCLUSION: PSN believes Pitt will use a scholarship at wide receiver, tight end, offensive lineman, linebacker and defensive back. The three projected scholarships they could still have would be used for an elite recruit who becomes available, along with keeping one or two scholarships for the transfer portal after the season.

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