Whiteland resident escapes addiction, opens new business

The name certainly rings true.

Inside Little Bit of Everything, people can browse patio furniture, cribs, coffee tables and bicycles. Mini-fridges and microwaves line the wall. Baby toys, pans, home decorations and gramophones are neatly arranged on shelves and racks.

For owner Rebecca Boyko, the shoppers’ bar seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. When she was caught in the depths of substance abuse and facing prison, she never imagined she would own her own business.

“Having been behind the gates and then being out, I feel very accomplished after being an addict for 28 years,” she said. “I hadn’t felt hope since I was 15.”

After hitting rock bottom, Boyko turned his life around. Not only has she been sober for four years, but in February she opened her own business in New Whiteland.

More importantly, she works as a counselor for people with substance use disorders. She wants to help others find their way to sobriety if they are ready to leave drugs and alcohol behind.

“I love teaching a class, watching someone see the light bulb go on in their eyes and realize they can’t do it on their own and they need help,” she said. “Or they finally make it and realize they’re not going to do this anymore, that they’re worth it. That means everything to me.”

Boyko imagined staying forever trapped in addiction.

She became addicted to painkillers as a 15-year-old after being prescribed the drug after surgery. What followed was a 28-year spiral leading to her arrest for trafficking a controlled substance.

Standing before Judge Mark Lloyd in Johnson County Circuit Court in 2018, she wept as she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

“I was completely devastated. I begged him not to,” she said.

But the verdict was a turning point for Boyko. At the Rockville Correctional Facility, she entered the recovery program that Lloyd arranged as part of her sentence. She completed the program herself, then volunteered to mentor others entering the recovery unit.

With the help of counselor Randy Stinson, who is also the founder of Recovery Point Indiana, Boyko pursued his own counselor training.

“He saw in me a passion for consulting. He told me when I got out to contact him and he would help me become a counselor,” she said.

After her release on May 23, 2019, Boyko took this path. She took courses to earn her Addiction Counselor Certification in Training and then her Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist requirement. Her next step is to become certified as a Certified Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Counselor.

Becoming a counselor at Recovery Point Indiana has been the most fulfilling move of her life.

“This is my life’s work, my passion,” she said.

As she trained to counsel others, Boyko looked for ways to support herself and her father, a Vietnam veteran in failing health.

She started making money buying items through Bulldog Liquidators, an Indianapolis business that sells surplus, surplus and customer-returned products from big-name brand stores at deep discounts and puts them on Facebook Marketplace.

The venture took off. Eventually, Boyko found a place to buy pallets of all kinds of goods and accumulated seven storage units full of goods.

“It must be too much. So, I decided to open a shop,” she said.

Thinking of what to do next, Boyko’s thoughts returned to her time in prison. During the period she was housed in the Madison Correctional Facility, she always visited the commissary there.

“It made me want to open my own shop. It was fascinating,” she said.

Little Bit of Everything opened at 400 Tracy Road, Suite 7, in New Whiteland in February. Boyko sources the items he sells from Circle City Wholesale, a company that sells pallet cuts. Because the business is constantly acquiring a wide variety of items, it keeps the inventory at Little Bit of Everything fresh and unique.

Many of the items come from stores like Home Depot and Target.

“Everything is brand new. These places will get rid of their product because the box has a dent or something has been spilled on it. This seems wasteful to me, but I will bear it,” Boyko said.

The store also launched a text program where customers who sign up get discounts on the items they buy. They also get coupons on their birthday, for example, she said.

Little of everything represents the turnaround that Boyko has worked so hard to achieve in her life. While the business will ideally offer the Johnson County community a place to find good deals on a wide range of goods, she also hopes people see it as an example that substance use disorder recovery is possible.

“I hope they know there is hope if they’re addicted right now, and that they can ask for help,” she said. “There is light at the end of this tunnel if they want it. I will be happy to help anyone who needs it. But you have to ask for the help.”


A little bit of everything

What: New business offering home decor, furniture, baby items, pet items, tools, small appliances, rugs, toys, pools, air conditioners and more.

Where: 400 Tracy Road, Suite 7, New Whiteland

Owner: Rebecca Boyko

Opening hours: from 10 am to 7 pm from Tuesday to Thursday; 1-7pm Friday; 10:00-17:00 Saturday; 11:00-17:00 Sunday. Closed Monday

Info: littlebitofeverythingshop.com or LittleBitofEverything46184 on Facebook

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