Why Asheville Restaurant, Others Can’t Get Pandemic Insurance Money

ASHEVILLE — A Greek restaurant closed following the COVID-19 pandemic will not receive insurance money for losses it says were caused by government mandates, after a North Carolina appeals court ruled in favor of the restaurant’s insurer.

A three-judge panel ruled on July 5 that the Golden Fleece and 15 other North Carolina restaurants owned by two chefs will not be reimbursed for losses incurred in connection with mandatory pandemic closures in 2020.

The ruling came after the restaurants had already won a case in Durham County High Court in which a judge ruled they were entitled to collect.

“We believe this decision was made incorrectly,” said the restaurants’ attorney, Stuart Payne. “We are just exploring our options for further review.”

The beginning and end of the Golden Fleece:

The Golden Fleece, part of the Giorgios Hospitality Group, opened in 2016 at 11 Grovewood Road and was “such a magical place run by the extremely talented chef George Delidimos,” according to group owner Giorgios Bakatsias, who mourned the restaurant’s closure in August 2020 News Release

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