Why does coffee make you climb? Science explains

One of the most common morning rituals of people around the world is the usual consumption of coffee. For some, this is a real process, preferring to prepare their own perfect pouring glass or fresh French press.while others prefer to wait in line at a local cafe and have someone else do it for them. Whatever your route, coffee is consumed by millions on a daily basis.

For most, it is the elixir of the gods that helps them become fully alert and awake, allowing their brains to function at full capacity. It is an instantaneous surge of vigilance and focus. For some, however, this shakes up another phenomenon. According to research, about 3 out of 10 people experience the unusual side effect that coffee can cause on the digestive system. For some people, this makes them use the bathroom.

Although there is some evidence as to why this phenomenon exists, the science behind it is still inaccurate.

Why does coffee make me climb the right way?

A man pours a cup of coffee

Scientists are still trying to determine the cause of this in certain individuals. The coffee itself includes 1000 different compounds,, which makes it difficult to understand the exact nature of this experience. When you consume coffee, it tends to increase the acidic activity of the stomach, which can lead to the elimination of the contents faster than normal. Coffee has also been shown to have the effect of activating the colon in the same way as when you eat a hearty meal.

So while the exact reason why some people experience this laxative effect when drinking coffee is still uncertain, here are a few reasons why it happens as a byproduct of enjoying your cup of Joe.

Is it normal to poop after coffee?

This question can be a bit arbitrary. Although yes, for some people this is a normal side effect, on the other hand, only about 30% of coffee drinkers experience it. So while the percentage is not that high, it is obviously normal for some people.

The benefits of drinking coffee

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The reason why so many people around the world consume coffee every day is Benefits that it can affect your health in addition to having a taste of heaven.

Energy and vigilance

The number one reason so many of us consume coffee is its ability to help us start the morning with the right note – no wonder people joke that they don’t want to talk to others until they have their first cup. Coffee contains caffeine, which has a profound effect on your gray matter and central nervous system. caffeine is a stimulant that as a result can help fight fatigue and drowsiness.

Cognitive function

Speaking of gray matter, coffee is great for increasing your memory. Caffeine has a positive effect on neural activity, which has been shown to increase short-term memory and response time. No wonder so many of us feel a little smarter and more energetic after a glass, the first thing in the morning.

Another good benefit of drinking coffee is that it can help reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s, a slow-acting cognitive disorder that affects memory.

Reduced risk of diabetes

The reason why some people become diabetic over time is that their bodies begin to become resistant to insulin. There is studies showing that coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Weight management

Another great reason to keep drinking this coffee on a regular basis is its ability to help manage weight. Coffee is a very powerful thermogenic. Thermogenic have a great ability to create internal heat in the body, thus naturally increasing your metabolism. This activity can lead to increased fat loss and in turn to weight loss.

Disadvantages of drinking coffee

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Although there are many health benefits to regular coffee consumption, it has several disadvantages, like all things in life.

Shivering and anxiety

One of the possible side effects of excessive coffee consumption may be increased heart rate. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others and this can make an individual feel nervous, anxious and nervous. This usually happens because caffeine can cause the body to engage in a “fight or flight” reaction, which exacerbates anxiety and potentially causes panic attacks in some. Although this is rare, it is best to first understand your sensitivity to caffeine before increasing your number of glasses per day.

Mold and mycotoxins

You get what you pay for in life; most know this to be true. The same can be said for the coffee you have chosen to buy and consume. One of the disadvantages of coffee is that some batches may have mold in them. Over time, this mold can create toxins called mycotoxins if stored improperly. These toxins, when consumed too much over time, can cause fatigue, dizziness and even poisoning. Most of the time, these levels of toxins are below the safety limit, but the cheaper your coffee beans are, the greater the chance that they contain toxins.

Quality coffee matters

Although coffee can make you number two when consumed, there are many benefits to consuming this cup of Joe that can help you swallow this pill. Our best solution is to find a quality roast or beanchoose your method of preparation and if you have to bring this coffee with you somewhere, make sure you have a decent thermos to help keep it hot.

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