Wilton High School sophomore launches first green and sustainable rickshaw business in Wilton, Connecticut

Colin Gilmore aims to connect with the community of his hometown of Wilton through a green and sustainable business in offering free transportation services to riders.

Wilton, Connecticut, June 6, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The school comes out in the summer for the Wilton High School students June 22nd. For the second-grader at Wilton High School, Colin Gilmorethis date also marks the official start date of his business with College Bound Rickshaws June 22nd.

College Bound Rickshaws is a college fundraising company offering Rickshaw riding services along the Wilton River Road area. It will offer transportation and services mainly to those who live in and around it Wilton Village â–  area.

College Bound Rickshaws will work as a transportation option to take customers for walks around the Wilton area so they can get to one place quickly or just have a leisurely trip. The walks will be free for riders, but donations in the form of tips are encouraged. A percentage of the donations will go to selected Wilton-based charities and individual driver plans 529c. The business will be available mainly in spring, summer and autumn, where people will enjoy the outdoors more often.

As a resident of downtown Wilton, Gilmore noted a lack of connectivity Wilton City centre. “When family and friends visited, there was no activity or way to show them the Wilton Center in a fun and engaging way.” Said Gilmore. “I wanted to propose a solution to the city that brought the community together with a business that is green and sustainable, because the fight against climate change is important to me.” says Gilmore.

The rickshaw will provide services in the heart of downtown Wilton and will serve the area, including around all apartments in Wilton Crest, Avalon, Glen Ridge, River Ridge and Wilton Rail Station as a start. Future plans include the relevant condominium areas and the village of Cannondale.

College Bound Rickshaws can provide their rides for free in part for donations and support to the Cathedral of Cincinnati in South Ohio.

Today, our young people face countless existential challenges and situations. From the climate crisis to gun violence, one can easily come to terms with cynicism, despair and apathy. Yet when you meet a young man like Colin Glimore who is committed to improving his community through service, one cannot help but have hope. Indeed, through his creativity and generosity of spirit, Colin represents the best of us, and I am grateful that there are young people like him who are willing to empower, serve, and give of themselves to influence the positive. a change in his community and the larger world. The Cathedral of the Church of Christ in Cincinnati has the honor to support this amazing young man and his efforts to change the world, one day, one moment, one ride at a time! My hope and prayer is for others to do the same. “ says The Very Rev. Owen C. Thompsondean + of the cathedral of the church of Christ in Cincinnati.

College Bound Rickshaws also has the support of Wilton High School and Wilton Go Green.

“Colin is a great student who had a vision for this rickshaw concept and made it happen. This demonstrates his ingenuity and creativity, as well as his commitment to the environment. This is another example of the promise of our students, who are so talented and who want to commit to opportunities to contribute to their community,Reads Robert William O’DonnellEd.D., director of Wilton High School.

The trips consist of grocery stores for adults, evening riders’ meetings or numerous visits to a restaurant in the Wilton area by groups of friends. Rickshaw is available for special events such as weddings, birthdays or special occasions.

Short trips can be booked through the company’s website, cbrickshaws.com or by calling 1-203-451-6442.

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College Bound Rickshaws is designed to unite the Wilton community by enabling high school children to earn money for college while helping the environment, the city, business and its people.. Developed by Wilton High School sophomore, Colin GilmoreCollege Bound Rickshaws will serve Wilton, CT area starting in the late summer of 2022. College Bound Rickshaws is a transport and leisure service that is green and sustainable. It is based in Wilton, Connecticut. For more information, please visit www.cbrickshaws.com.

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