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Peyton Bunch of Williamstown, left, put pressure on Parkersburg South’s Connor McMullan during the game on Tuesday as part of the Williamstown Varsity Summer League. (Photo by Carrie Patrick)

WILLIAMSTOWN – With less than two weeks until the end of the Williamstown Varsity Summer League with their final tournament, basketball coaches in the area are busy breaking down the pros and cons of players who will fill their lists for the upcoming high school basketball season.

“The league was great for us, even though we didn’t have everyone here at once.” said Williamstown boys coach Scott Sauro, who is entering his 19th season with the Yellowjackets and created the league 12 years ago with six teams.

Every summer the league sees 10 to 12 teams.

“We haven’t had everyone here yet, and that’s good because other kids get opportunities to show what they can do.” Sauro continued.

“We are still super young. We have a heavy second class and a heavy junior class and only one senior at the moment. We are somehow in the process of formation and we see as a coaching staff what they can do and how much they have improved since March.

“Many of these children have improved and we want to see how their skills fit into our plans.”

Of the 10 teams competing this summer, Marietta and Waterford feature first-year coaches with Austin Gardner of the Tigers and DJ Cunningham of the Wildcats.

“This summer league is an important time to apply your philosophy and what your team’s identity will be.” said Sauro. “And I think both boys do that.”

Entering his 13th season as a coach at Caldwell, Clint Crane is by no means a rookie, but the Redskins were removed from the waiting list and joined the Summer League for the first time this year.

“We are close to home and only half an hour away by car and we play a good race,” Said Crane.

“We were walking to St. Clairsville, which was about an hour away by car. For several years, while we were on the waiting list for Williamstown, we went to Sheridan, where I am. It’s a little closer, which makes my wife happier. “

Caldwell used the method of mixing and matching with his staff for the Summer League games.

It gives its younger players quality playing time for the Williamstown matches and allows players like the future Bede Lori to compete in a league in Columbus against professional and collegiate players. Lori, a three-time selection from Ohio, has only 1,800 career points.

The Redskins have returned four of their six best players from last season with 19 wins.

“We are excited about what we have,” Said Crane.

Parkersburg South is another team in this area. The Patriots follow Caldwell’s philosophy and allow players to stick to their training schedule for sports in which they compete in addition to basketball.

“We know what we will get from our older boys – we put our younger ones in places where they may be a little uncomfortable, maybe they should do things they are not used to.” That’s what South coach Mike Fallon said. “This league is huge for us.”

Regardless of the staff, Fallon and his staff are not ashamed to show off their acclaimed press from end to end. For the most part, Williamstown students found a hole in the seams, trying to keep up with the Patriot’s five on the floor on Tuesday night.

“We love our press,” Said Fallon. “Last year we stepped it up even more and got a lot from West Liberty. This year we will strengthen it even more.

“We have learned a lot from what our teams have done against our press, to which we will be able to adapt. The biggest thing for the summer and off-season is to fix all these things and where we had problems last year. “

To some extent, wins and losses are not the ultimate goal. However, he has a goal, especially when the team is 0-for-the-first two weeks. Seeking his first wins in the summer league, Wirt County played two games on Tuesday and beat Caldwell 48-42 in high school high school, then moved on to high school and beat Tyler Consolidated 58-45.

Aidan Cheuvront scored six 3 points in the first half against Caldwell. The future junior did not stop there. His reverse 3-pointer with less than 10 minutes left in the second half put the Tigers ahead 41-32. Caldwell never came closer than four points the rest of the way.

With less than 10 minutes left in the second half against Tyler Consolidated, Wirt County had one point ahead, then increased the lead to a double-digit lead in minutes.

“It definitely boosts our confidence when we win.” Said Chevront. “This is a good competition in this league and it really prepares us for the season. That’s how chemistry begins. “

Getting used to the pace of the game is an area that has benefited the Tigers.

“Getting used to the speed of the game, especially for the younger boys, is one thing we see improvement in.” That’s what Wirth County coach Mills said.

The starting hours of the summer league are scheduled for 18-20 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The league tournament is scheduled for Thursday, June 30, starting at 16:30

“This league was a winner” Said Sauro. “Kids get a lot of games. Not only for our children, but all the teams in our league get a lot of games. This is also raising funds for us – for operating costs for our program.

“We are looking for 14 teams next year, which will make a great tournament.”

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