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The following coverage upgrades are available based on your plan and status.

Cancellation for any reason cover.

Cancellation for any reason cover allows you to cancel a trip for any reason. You can choose to be reimbursed 50% or 75% of your travel costs when you purchase this insurance upgrade for a Premier or Preferred plan. You must cancel your trip at least 48 hours before departure to be eligible to make a claim.

“Interruption for any reason” coverage.

The “interruption for any reason” upgrade allows you to cut your trip short for reasons other than those specified in your interruption benefits policy. Available for Premier plan only. This ‘Trip Interruption for Any Reason’ travel insurance upgrade reimburses 50% of your trip costs as long as you are at least 48 hours into your trip.

Destination weddings

This upgrade allows you to receive trip cancellation benefits if the bride or groom of the wedding you are attending cancels the wedding after you have purchased your travel insurance policy. Coverage is not available if you are the bride or groom and cannot purchase this upgrade with the economy plan.

Adventure sports

This supplement extends coverage to include safari activities, bungee jumping, hang gliding and other extreme sports and activities.

Basic medical expense insurance coverage

If you purchase this upgrade with the preferred plan, the benefits provided under emergency medical expenses cover in case of accident and illness will be considered primary and not secondary. Basic coverage is included in the Premier plan.

Damage and theft of rental cars

This upgrade covers collision damage and theft of the rental vehicle.

Medical evacuation and hospital of choice

With this upgrade, you can double your medical evacuation coverage on Economy and Preferred plans. Also includes evacuation to a hospital of your choice.

Pet care

If your dog or cat is traveling with you and needs care, this upgrade provides compensation for veterinary bills. It also adds cancellation and interruption cover for the death or critical illness of your dog or cat.

If you have an accident or become ill while traveling, pet care coverage can cover transportation to your pet’s home. It also covers accommodation for a pet if you experience a travel delay caused by a reason covered by your travel insurance plan.

Basic coverage, higher baggage limits

This add-on doubles your baggage coverage limits and makes your baggage insurance primary rather than secondary coverage.


This optional upgrade helps pay for evacuation for personal security or political reasons. It also allows you to cancel travel if a terrorist event occurs at your destination, including cyber terrorism, within certain time frames of purchasing your policy. It also adds interruption benefits for civil disturbances or riots lasting more than 12 hours.

This coverage can also pay for ransom and crisis response if you are kidnapped, under certain conditions. Note that some countries are excluded from kidnapping coverage, such as Afghanistan and Somalia. Excluded countries are listed in the rules.

Vacation rental

Vacation rental upgrades provide break-even benefits if your rental isn’t cleaned, is overloaded, or if the keys are lost.

Academic, sports events, volunteer and missionary programs

This additional benefit allows you to cancel a trip if, after purchasing a policy, you are required to attend an exam scheduled during your trip. It also adds cancellation cover if you or your travel companion or family have to attend a theater or sporting event on a date during your trip. This cover provides cancellation benefits if a festival, sporting event, concert or volunteer activity that was the sole reason for your trip is cancelled.

Hunting and fishing

The Hunting and Fishing Upgrade covers cancellation due to government restrictions. It also provides cover if you have to cancel due to illness or injury to you, your travel companion, family members or your tour guide. In addition, this additional benefit covers equipment if it is lost, damaged or stolen and reimburses equipment rental costs.

Additional coverage comparison for WorldTrips Atlas travel plans

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