Yoder’s Bulk Foods & Deli In Lake Twp’s business is booming.

LAKE TWP. – Located on Cleveland Avenue on the border with North Canton and Plain Township, Yoder’s Bulk Foods & Deli has just celebrated its fifth anniversary in April. The small local market specializes in a rich selection of bulk food and Amish meat and cheese.

Approaching the market, you are greeted by a bright blue-green welcome sign, matching Adirondack chairs and pink flamingos. Once inside, you will see shelves neatly loaded with jams, syrups, candies, spices and more. The delicacy desk attracts as well as the freezer, full of cakes, pies, cheeses and meats.

The market has a friendly feel and is spotlessly clean.

“If I’m going to work here every day, I want to have fun,” said co-owner Diana Koblenz, who owns and operates the market with her daughter Rachel Koblenz, when I stopped by.

I caught up with co-owner Rachel Koblenz to learn more about the store.

Yoder's Bulk Foods & Deli in Lake Twp.  on Thursday, June 2, 2022

Q. Where does Yoder’s name come from? Is it a last name?

A. “The name Yoder is actually my aunt’s last name. She and my mother opened the store together five years ago. They wanted something more common than our family, and it made them feel like it was a store that would carry more Amish goods. Three years ago, my aunt decided she didn’t want to be part of the store anymore and sold half of it to Diana. So even though it’s called Yoder’s, no Yoders work here (now). ”

Q. How did the idea for the market come about?

A. “The store was originally Diana’s idea. She has experience in the food service industry and thought North Canton didn’t have anything to offer.”

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